Planning Services for Businesses

Employee Benefits
& Retirement Plan Design

Developed exclusively for Trek Financial Advisors, Next Level(k) provides a dedicated in-house retirement plan support team, access to industry-leading tools & resources, top service provider alliance, and access to Trek built and managed investment models.

Executive Compensation Planning

In today’s competitive marketplace, the ability to recruit, retain and reward employees is critical to the success of any business. It is especially important to take care of those people who help make the difference between success and failure. 

Exit & Succession Planning

Stepping away from the business you have worked so hard to build and have spent so many years nurturing may be a hard thing to imagine, and for business owners, retirement is never cut and dry. It can be complicated, overwhelming, and emotional, leaving you to question if you are truly ready for retirement and if you are financial prepared. 

Insurance Strategies

The right use of a well-designed insurance strategy can help create and protect wealth for both family and business needs. We have extensive experience in assessing your insurance needs, your overall financial picture, and the insurance that would best fit your situation.

Key Employee
Financial Advisory

These are challenging times for executives worried about their personal financial situations. The volatility of the economy, the stock market and interest rates has left many executives uncertain about their financial futures. The constant demand of their time means their personal financial affairs can suffer from unintentional neglect.

Retirement Planning

We see the transition to retirement as a time of shifting priorities. As the era of accumulating assets winds down, individuals’ expectations for their investment portfolios begin to change. Instead of “How much can I make?” the questions becomes, “How can I make it last?” 

Advisor Alliance

There are times when Law and CPA firms need to establish a relationship with a wealth management firm or make informal referrals. As we have collaborated with attorneys and CPA’s in family wealth planning, estate planning and business succession planning, we know the territory.