A legacy plan should be a lasting impression of you, your ideals and your mission throughout your life. Often designed in collaboration with an estate plan, legacy planning focuses on charitable giving and intellectual insights. By building charitable giving into your estate plan, you are able to leave a meaningful legacy that offers many tax advantages.


Developing a legacy plan starts with identifying your goals and reviewing a history of charitable contributions you have made. By looking through these donations you can determine important factors such as:

  • How often and how much do I give?
  • How many organizations do I contribute to?
  • What entices me to want to give and why have I chosen these particular organizations?

Once you have reviewed your contributions, you can determine what drives you to give and what inspires you to participate in particular communities. Through this process you will be able to understand what causes are important to you and how you can make a difference through philanthropic giving.

There are many ways to develop a charitable giving strategy. By working with your Trek advisor and tax specialist, you can create a strategy that is not only aligned with your financial goals, but your
mission and vision for your life and legacy.