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Jeremy Dopp

Financial Advisor

When Jeremy Dopp, founder Security First Financial, meets a new client he doesn’t see a stranger, he sees a family member. “I like to feel like I’m helping my mom or dad,” he says. “If they’re younger, I want to feel like they’re my brother or sister. I only off­er strategies I would off­er to my own family.”

While every client has unique needs, there are some universal concerns Jeremy addresses often. “When I meet them, many of my clients are worried about running out of money in retirement or making the right move to maximize their Social Security payout,” he says. “I help them sort through their options, so they are confident in the decisions they make.”

Jeremy also encourages clients to take a macroeconomic vs. microeconomic view of their financial future. “You have to look at the end game in order to make the decisions for today,” he says. “Every decision you make a­ffects the other decisions in your financial world. If you don’t look at everything together, you can make microeconomic decisions that don’t play well with your other decisions. I talk with my clients’ other advisors, like attorneys and accountants, to make sure everything is working together.”

Jeremy is also quick to discourage clients from making a financial move that doesn’t line up with their retirement goals. “If someone wants to buy something that I feel is a detriment to their financial strategy, I tell them I prefer not to service it,” he explains. “I’m passionate about helping those who care as much as I do, because I put a lot of time and eff­ort into making sure they get the best.”

While specializing in retirement planning, Jeremy is on a campaign to help young families plan for the unforeseen. “Young people today are very underinsured,” he says. “I’m a big believer in the importance of protection for their kids and understanding how much they need and why.”

Wills and trusts are another area he’s highlighting for families. “Many parents don’t understand the importance of using a will to set up guardianship for their kids,” he says. “Otherwise the courts are responsible for that decision. I work with a lot of single moms who care deeply about this because they know that, without it, their kids could be in a really bad situation.”

A resident of Queen Creek, Arizona, family has always been near and dear to Jeremy’s heart. He and his wife, Jenny, who also works in the family firm, have four daughters ranging in age from 10 to 16. Jeremy is a sports fanatic and member of ASU’s Sun Devil Club. He is also actively involved in his church. He and Jenny take their family traveling every chance they get. “We’ve traveled the world,” he says, proudly. “We take our girls everywhere we can. We all love experiencing new countries and new cultures.”

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